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Consultant in grants for businesses and the self-employed


am a married, 41 year-old father of two and a native of Brussels with a passion for the operation of the State. Driven by a passion to help self-employed individuals through adequate grants and government assistance, I created my company JC Subsides.

In 2011 I decided to launch my career in grant consultancy services for companies and the self-employed. I realised that hundreds of self-employed people in Brussels were not at all informed or aware of all of the multiple forms of assistance to which they were entitled. My experience has confirmed to me the great need for assistance and support for the self-employed and SMEs when they decide to seek out a grant.

My main assets are my availability, flexibility and knowledge of the different types of grants available to SMEs in Brussels, and the personalised support I provide to each of my clients.

To date, I have worked with, Espace Image, Medium SPRL, BH Invest, WInvest, Audivo, Fetnat, NB Clermont, etc.

By June 2019 I will have eight years of experience. As a result, I am the consultant recorded in the databases of HUB Brussels and of BECI.

The benefits of using JC Subsides
  • Dossier is processed faster
  • Confidence and ongoing dialogue
  • No paperwork; I search for and centralise all documents
  • 8 years’ experience in the operation of grant-awarding mechanisms
  • Privileged partners in the Brussels Capital Region and of the Horeca Federation in Brussels (UHTC)
  • Flexibility and availability. When you need me I will respond to your requirements directly
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